Get Crafty for the Arctic!

Last edited 1 February 2013 at 1:30pm

We invite you to become a Greenpeace ‘craftivist’, to use your creativity to spread the word about the Save the Arctic campaign. The Arctic Craft Kit is designed to ignite your imagination and get you creating. You could sell your wares at craft fairs to raise money for the campaign or give them as awareness raising gifts, as well as making crafts to keep.

Download the kit here.

This small kit offers you a few ideas for Arctic themed craft projects, ranging from the simple to the sublime. Perhaps you’ll stencil Arctic letters onto mugs, knit an Arctic owl egg cosy, create stickers and stencils, bake cakes or make snowy sweets. Inside you’ll find a selection of Arctic shapes that you can use as you like, plus four how to guides and some useful web-links.

And if you fancy doing some baking, here are a few of our favourite recipes

Walrus sketched by Pink Paper Circus
Egg cosies knitted by Lisa Cave and Daphne Christelis
Walrus felted by Rachael King
Polar bear origami folded by Dan Jones
Iceberg cake crafted by Cakeology

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