A Time Comes

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The story of the Kingsnorth Six
Directed by Nick Broomfield

A Time Comes - the story of the Kingsnorth Six from Greenpeace UK on Vimeo.

The Kingsnorth Six made history in 2008: accused of causing £30,000 of criminal damage to Kingsnorth power station, their defence of "lawful excuse"was accepted by the jury - because they were acting to safeguard property around the world "in immediate need of protection" from the impacts of climate change, caused in part by burning coal.

Inspired by their story internationally acclaimed director, Nick Broomfield has just completed a 20 minute film celebrating the spirit of direct action. The film tells the story activists who scaled the 220m chimney at a coal fired power station and the landmark case with supporting testimony by the world's leading climate scientist, Dr James Hansen of NASA.

After hearing all of the evidence, the jurors (representatives of ordinary British people) supported the right to take direct action to protect the climate from the burning of coal. The New York Times listed the defence as one of the ideas that defined 2008.

Nick Broomfield brought together a first class team including, editor Ian Davies and co-producer Michelle Thomas. Drawn to the material and the prospect of working with Broomfield, everyone on the picture gave their time for free and was happy to do so.

The Bright Green Pictures film 'A Time Comes – The story of the Kingsnorth Six' directed by Nick Broomfield premiered online on May 31st 2009, and on the Observer site  on June 1st in HD.

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