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Barbie's on the rampage! Mattel uses rainforest trees in Barbie's packaging, threatening orang-utans and tigers. Now Barbie's looking for trouble around the UK.

Join our crack squad of Barbie hunters by searching for delinquent dolls hidden near you. Search the map to get clues on their location and help stop Barbie's trail of destruction.

No Barbies near you? Make your own!

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Update: Success! Mattel and Barbie will stop toying with deforestation!

Thanks to over half a million Greenpeace supporters who sent emails, made phone calls and hunted for Chainsaw Barbies, Mattel has made a commitment not to use toy packaging from companies that are tearing down Indonesia's rainforests. Read the full story >>

Help! Chainsaw Barbie has gone on the rampage!

Hundreds of the delinquent dolls are hidden around the UK and it's up to you to help track them down. After all, isn't it enough that she's destroying Indonesia's remaining rainforest to wrap herself in pretty packaging - threatening endangered orang-utans and Sumatran tigers in the process - without causing havoc here as well?

Search the map above and see if there's a Chainsaw Barbie somewhere near you. (If you're going on holiday, check round there as well!) Select the map marker to get clues on her whereabouts and click 'More clues' for the complete set which you can print off to take with you. Think of it like a treasure hunt!

Once you've found your Chainsaw Barbie, follow the instructions on her label to join our Barbie Investigation Bureau. You'll receive further special assignments which will bring Barbie's rainforest devastation to an end.

And if there are no Chainsaw Barbies nearby, you can still help by making your own. Keep checking back here too, as new ones are popping up all the time.

Hurry, there's not a moment to lose!

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