28 Days Later: Balcombe anti-fracking groups announce rolling blockade

Posted by LiamBB — 30 August 2013 at 11:52am - Comments
'No fracking here or anywhere' sign in front of police line
by-nc. Credit: Liam Barrington-Bush
Balcombe police line during March for a Frack-Free Future

While shale gas advocates hoped the 5-day Reclaim the Power camp was a flash-in-the-pan, Balcombe fracking opponents are “upping the ante” for Cuadrilla’s final 28 days of drilling, announcing a rolling blockade of the frack site starting September 1st.

“The government may be allowing [Cuadrilla] to drill but they have no social licence from the people of Balcombe to frack their land and threaten their water supply,” said organisers. “Now it's time to up the ante.”

Their instructions for participants wanting to be a part of the blockade are simple. According to a release from local organisers:

“We invite groups from around the country to come and play a part in a 28 day rolling blockade.
Think creatively and act responsibly. Pick a weekday before September 28, gather friends and useful kit [and] get yourselves to Balcombe.”

As was the case with the range of non-violent direct actions taken during Reclaim the Power, small affinity groups are free to organise themselves to take whatever peaceful actions they feel will help to stop trucks from reaching the drill site.

Further details from the organisers are as follows:

* People are reminded that this is a peaceful blockade and that the Balcombe camp is alcohol-free.
* For further information please contact 28dayslater.balcombe@gmail.com
* Follow us on Twitter (@28_dayslater) and like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/28dayslaterrollingblockade)

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