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Goal posts shift again as Hutton tries to fudge green energy targets

Posted by jossc — 31 March 2008 at 1:55pm - Comments

Lady Vadera addressing the the EU energy ministers meeting

Energy minister John Hutton has been caught trying to sabotage the EU renewable energy targets again. A minister from Hutton's department has been working in Brussels to try and redefine what constitutes 'renewable energy.' After last year's fiasco when Hutton’s department were seen trying to wreck EU renewable targets altogether, now the business minister Lady Vadera has been filmed trying to water them down at an EU energy council meeting.

Sunrise now webcammed up

Posted by jossc — 31 March 2008 at 12:30pm - Comments

Arctic Sunrise webcam

Arctic Sunrise this week became the latest ship in the Greenpeace fleet to carry its own webcam. The webcam updates every minute, so now you can follow the ship's progress almost in real-time, 24 hours a day. Thanks are due to radio operator Thom and external systems expert Wout for making this possible.

The image above was taken as the ship headed into the French port of Cherbourg for a routine maintenance check after the recent successful action at Caen, where the crew successfully prevented a shipment of Amazon timber, acquired from companies linked to illegal logging activities, from entering the EU.

Watch the webcam here. And in case you're confused, that's the stern which it's pointing at - the big 'H' painted on the deck is to show helicopters where to land!

Weekly green web: nautical nuggets

Posted by jamie — 28 March 2008 at 1:51pm - Comments

There's very much a nautical theme in this week's selection of cool green stuff:

  • Beware, Japan, of Whalezilla who threatens to devour your cities unless the few people who actually are eating whale meat cease and desist.
  • A series of stunning posters from Sharkproject reminds us that we are more of a danger to sharks than they are to us.
  • 'Troubled' singer Amy Winehouse will be performing in a Rotterdam club powered by the movers and shakers on the dancefloor. (What do you mean, 'that's not nautical'? Rotterdam's a port, isn't it?)
  • It's not quite swimming with dolphins, but Dolphin Olympics 2 is the next best thing. Do a triple back flip and I'll be impressed.

Rainbow Warrior blocks New Zealand coal shipment

Posted by jossc — 28 March 2008 at 11:15am - Comments

The Rainbow Warrior blocks the State Owned Enterprise Solid Energy's coal ship the Hellenic Sea from leaving the Port of Lyttelton. The 225-metre bulker carries up to 60 thousand tonnes of export coal.

This week the Rainbow Warrior marked the start of a six week 'Target Climate Change' tour of New Zealand with an action against the Hellenic Sea, a 60,000 tonne bulk carrier owned by coal exporter Solid Energy. While it trades on NZ's clean green credentials the government is making millions of dollars from Solid Energy peddling coal on the world market - quite literally stoking the fires of climate change.

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Heathrow's Terminal 5 gets flashmobbed

Posted by bex — 27 March 2008 at 11:03am - Comments

Flashmob at Heathrow

Flashmob at Heathrow's Terminal 5 this morning

This morning saw the opening of Heathrow's new Terminal 5 to the public. Unfortunately for the aviation industry and government - who wanted this to be a chance to promote their case for airport expansion - a large section of that public is vehemently opposed to unsustainable aviation growth, and not afraid to show it.

So at exactly 11am this morning, hundreds of people stripped down to reveal identical "Stop Airport Expansion T-shirts", and to highlight the problems caused by airport expansion and unsustainable aviation growth. Pictures of the flashmob are coming in to our Moblog thick and fast. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see video footage of the event.

Cost of nuclear waste could kill off plans for a new fleet

Posted by tracy — 27 March 2008 at 11:01am - Comments

The government says the decision on building new nuclear reactors will be entirely up to the market and utility companies will have to pay their "full share" of decommissioning and waste management costs, but Gordon Brown is going to have to cook the books like a cordon bleu chef he if wants to attract new investment.

While Brown teams up with French president Nicholas Sarkozy at Emirates stadium today to push through his dream of a new nuclear era, a government advisor is publishing a new cost analysis that suggests energy companies cannot be charged a fully commercial price for waste disposal without "killing the prospect" of a new generation of nuclear reactors.

Brown and Sarkozy to kick off new nuclear game

Posted by nathan — 25 March 2008 at 4:35pm - Comments

This week, Gordon Brown and the French President Nicholas Sarkozy, will sign up to an entente atomique and herald in a new era of cross channel cooperation.

The pact will be announced later this week at the "Arsenal summit" held at the Emirates stadium, the nominal home of French exiles and sportsmen alike, where Brown will open the proverbial front door to French utility Electricity de France (EDF), and its burgeoning workforce, to come build and operate any new nuclear power stations here in the UK.

Brown must get a grip... we should be leading the pack on clean energy

Posted by John Sauven — 25 March 2008 at 11:11am - Comments

Coal field at Didcot in Oxfordshire

If new coal is the answer, Mr Brown's asking the wrong questions

Kingsnorth exposes a government energy strategy in disarray. One week the Prime Minister commits the UK to generating around 40 per cent of its electricity from renewables, the next his Business Secretary sings the praises of the most carbon-intensive form of power generation around. We can only hope that John Hutton's words were an attempt to stake out his territory in the Cabinet, not a wider signal of government intent.

Problems at the pump as new biofuel law draws closer

Posted by jamie — 24 March 2008 at 9:00am - Comments

A car speeding along a road

In a few weeks' time on Tuesday 15 April, every fuel company in the UK will be obliged to include a certain amount of biofuel in their petrol and diesel supplies. This is because, to comply with EU policies, the government has decreed we will all be using biofuels whether we want to or not but as you're probably aware, a lot of people have severe concerns about this.

Bulb revolution sweeps into Argentina

Posted by jamie — 19 March 2008 at 3:53pm - Comments

A bulb display outside the Agentinean CongressAnother country is well on the way to making the switch as last week Argentina joined the rapidly growing list of nation states getting ready to use only energy efficient light bulbs.

If the Argentinean president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner gets her way, by the end of 2010 mandatory efficiency standards will be introduced which will effectively ban incandescent bulbs. Better yet, she said her decision came as a direct result of the campaign run by our office in Buenos Aires.

And earlier this year, Italy followed Ireland's example to become the second EU country to propose similar efficiency standards and is also expected to remove incandescents from sale in 2010. All these bulb bans are a small but vital step in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and introducing minimum energy efficiency standards on all electrical equipment has to be the ultimate goal.

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