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More monkeying around outside Dove offices

Posted by jamie — 21 April 2008 at 2:11pm - Comments

Greenpeace volunteers dressed as orang-utans outside Unliever's London HQ

As of 2pm, orang-utans are still gracing Unilever premises in London and Port Sunlight and are showing no signs of swinging down. They've also appeared on the continent, popping up in Italy and the Netherlands. Unilever's Rome HQ has been paid a visit and employees were blocked from entering the building by a large box placed in front of the entrance, with the slogan 'Stop Dove destroying rainforests' emblazoned upon it. In Rotterdam, six volunteers were trying to scale Unilever's waterfront offices to hang a banner with a similar message, but unfortunately strong winds forced them down.

Orang-utans swing into action to stop Dove destroying rainforests for palm oil

Posted by jamie — 21 April 2008 at 7:22am - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: John Cobb / Greenpeace

Today, we're launching the next stage in our campaign to protect the rainforests of Indonesia from the expansion of the palm oil industry. Our volunteers, dressed as orang-utans, are currently climbing over the London headquarters of the company behind Dove, which uses palm oil as one of its ingredients. Our latest research shows that Unilever, the makers of Dove, is buying palm oil from companies that are destroying valuable rainforest and peatland areas, which is bad news not only for the millions of people who depend on them for their way of life and endangered species such as the orang-utan, but also for the global climate.

Weekly Green Web: get a £77,000 job. Or a T-shirt.

Posted by bex — 18 April 2008 at 3:25pm - Comments

Stepping into Jamie's shoes this week, here's a quick round up of tasty green stuff we've seen on the web:

  • Coal is so clean and fresh that Gordon Brown brushes his teeth with it. He really does. There's a picture to prove it.
  • More greenback than green is Dan Tague's wonderful origami activism (if you really like it, check the full gallery).
  • Finally, your chance to green up the aviation industry: BAA is looking for two Heads of Corporate Responsibility, and Plane Stupid is inviting its supporters to apply. You may as well - if you get the job, you'll earn up to £77,000. If you don't, you could still win a Plane Stupid T-shirt...

Make throwies not runways

Posted by bex — 18 April 2008 at 2:40pm - Comments

No 3rd runway on a Thames barge

There's been more creative campaigning in the capital from anti-Heathrow expansion activists - this time, a message glowing softly in the dark for any evening strollers along London's South Bank to see.

'No 3rd Runway' has been written onto the side of an old, defunct barge on the Thames, just near the Oxo Tower, with tiny magnetic LEDs (like the ones shown in this Make Throwies Not Bombs video). It's yet another voice in the growing opposition to Heathrow expansion - along with the four mayoral candidates, a whole raft of organisations and, well, tens of thousands of you. Get involved!

Don't panic: Bush has a cunning climate plan

Posted by bex — 18 April 2008 at 12:50pm - Comments

Less than a year after the IPCC warned the world that global emissions need to peak within the next 10 years (and then fall sharply), Bush - with much fanfare - has unveiled his new, cunning climate change plan: emit more for the next 17 years, and make sure developing countries help pay for what the US and the industrialised world has already emitted.

His address yesterday came during the latest Major Emitters Meeting - a series of meetings set up by Bush to undermine run in parallel to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change process (the UN's process being inconvenient because it wants mandatory rather than voluntary emissions targets, and says the industrialised world should bear the burden of responsibility for historical emissions).

Would you care about climate change more if you lived in a mud hut?

Posted by bex — 17 April 2008 at 11:49am - Comments

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the Greenpeace ship MV Esperanza in 2002

That's what Archbishop Desmond Tutu is asking the leaders of the most polluting economies, living up to his reputation for calling a spade a spade in, um, spades.

This Bill's Got No Balls

Posted by bex — 17 April 2008 at 11:08am - Comments

That's the eye watering message from our friends over at I Count. They're talking of course about the Climate Change Bill - and are asking you to put the virtual squeeze on your MP, to make sure the bill gets the balls it needs to stop climate change:

A bad day for the climate as biofuel legislation kicks in

Posted by jamie — 15 April 2008 at 5:39pm - Comments

So, today the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) comes into effect and we'll all be using more biofuels as a result. Regular readers will know that this exciting piece of legislation will see 2.5 per cent of our petrol and diesel coming from food crops, and that we have been asking everyone to send emails to transport secretary Ruth Kelly asking her to postpone the RTFO. Now we need to see that she abandons so if you haven't expressed your concern about this already, you can still do so.

Brazilian government gets busy in the Amazon

Posted by jamie — 15 April 2008 at 4:20pm - Comments

Following our action in France last month - when the crew of the Arctic Sunrise blocked a shipment of timber from the Brazilian Amazon - efforts have been stepped up in the country of origin to prevent illegal timber being exported in the first place.

The Brazilian government's environmental agency, Ibama, has seized a shipment of timber in the first check on exports by authorities in two years. The cargo vessel in question - the BSLE Express - would have been en route to Europe but has been detained in Santarem since March 27. So far, inspectors have confiscated 732m3 of wood which were travelling with false papers; papers that were economical with the truth when it came to the species of timber present in the shipment.

The story of Plane Stupid and the flying mole

Posted by bex — 9 April 2008 at 2:17pm - Comments

The wrong un

Image from Plane Stupid

I don't know if you've been following this story about the mole who tried to infiltrate Plane Stupid recently but if you're anything like me, you'll be less surprised at the fact that someone's tried to infiltrate a direct action group working on aviation than at the fact that somebody's felt the need to invent the word 'threatscape'.

Toby Kendall / 'Ken Tobias' (the spy concerned, who listed Top Gun as his favourite movie on Bebo, along with 'war movies' and 'revenge movies') works / worked for 'security' firm C2i International. C2i apparently works closely with clients "to understand their unique threatscape" before delivering "appropriate and proactive solutions".

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