Building the world's largest polar bear - Part Four

Posted by Chris Kelly — 9 September 2013 at 12:38pm - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: © Kristian Buus

As designer and creative director on Aurora I have seen her grow from my initial rough sketch in to a fantastical giant. Working on such a unique project allows for great freedom in designing and creating.

I have fused the image of a polar bear with the function of a 1900's ship. My initial inspiration drew on heroic Arctic explorer Henry Shackleton, the aesthetic of his ship and crew's functional outfits tied in perfectly to create a giant polar bear marionette.


My biggest stumbling block was how to create a giant furry bear without using any fur, and that's where the reclaimed sails came in. I used them throughout her frame softening the edges and bringing back the polar bear image we are all familiar with.


The biggest challenge with Aurora has been to find the right company to build the design and understand my vision. Lucien, director of Factory Settings was immediately the man for the job, he was as excited and passionate about Aurora as I was and his previous work and client list said it all.

I have loved every minute of working on this project, working with Greenpeace for a cause I heartedly believe in and with the crew at Factory Settings.

Find out how you can walk with Aurora through central London on 15 September.



Chris (right) working on the fabrics that make up Aurora's fur. © Louise Alexander

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