Cairn occupation is over, but the campaign goes on

Posted by bex — 18 July 2011 at 8:22pm - Comments

It's been a long day but, around 12 hours after our intrepid Polar bears occupied Cairn Energy's HQ, the last of them has now been removed by police. Around 20 people have been arrested in all, and most of them remain in custody here in Edinburgh.

Throughout the occupation, you sent us countless messages for Cairn in the form of Tweets and comments - thank you for your sterling work. We passed as many as we could onto Cairn, in the form Post-It notes individually hand written by polar bears, for all in the building to see. As far as we know, these are still dotted around Cairn's offices - on their walls and computer monitors, on their desks and on their doors.

Despite these messages - and despite the 50,000-plus emails you've written to Cairn - the company is still refusing to publish its spill response plan.

When we went to the Arctic to find it, they told us we'd have we to come to their international headquarters to get that information. Today we did that, yet Cairn continues to hide their plan.

It's now pretty clear that Cairn's hiding it because they know that any spill in the fragile and pristine environment of the High North would be impossible to clear up.

Which is exactly why this campaign will continue until Cairn stops drilling in the Arctic. Watch this space.

You're accountable, Cairn, you just don't know it yet. Grow up, and do the responsible thing.

woot greenpeace UK!


Cairn 0

Polar Bears 1

What irresponsible Hooligans Greenpeace are.  Clearly not interested in the facts provided by the Government of Greenland.  If you have the courage of your convictions why cover your faces?  

Fucking knobheads the lot of you!!  What is powering the ships that that you've used up in the Arctic??



Anonymous77 - such prose and wit

However I am sure Greenpeace did not 'use up' any ships during the protest and I can assure you they will be used again soon. 

However I think you may be eluding to the use of oil based fuels, so if you have the courage to use your name, and we can be introduced accordingly, I would like to debate the point you are trying to make. 

Kind regards


comments are nasty from people who dont give a damn about our world so dont make shit comments cairn could ruin the environment so why hide the results

Dear Anonymous and Rich Preston

I suggest you do some research on:

1. Climate Change - it is a killer and you and your children will suffer as a result of it. It is moral cowardice, or stupidity, or both not to take a stand against it and against the morons who are making it worse for the sake of profit.

2. Cairn has not published its oil spill response documents - hiding behind a generic statement of 'Greenland has stringent rules' is not enough. I am sure Greenland does have stringent rules but Cairn needs detailed procedures which it is failing to show.

3. Using diesel for our ships - so what? There's no other way we can get to Greenland and when the world realises the folly of burning fossil fuels, we'll be the first to abondon the diesel.

4. You will have noticed from the video that half of the activists did not cover their faces. We are not afraid of anyone - we dress up as polar bears to make a point and to bear witness (also most of us are ugly buggers so be grateful for the masks!).

5. Hooligans destroy the planet (Cairn), cowards do not stand up to the hooligans; the Greenpeace activists in Edinburgh are heroes and I am proud to support them (I don't count myself a hero, just an ordinary bloke who is scard sh*tless by climate change and the attitudes of idiots like you).

6. Get real - we will all be accountable for the damage we have inflicted on this planet.


John Halladay (note, this is my real name - eh, Anonymous? - and you can reach me at Canterbury & District Greenpeace)

PS - NIce one, Tim V!!!!


Well said, netbet boo.


Is it not about time you removed the photos at the top of this page?

Stop disrupting ordinary people's lives and wasting police time with your stupid and criminal actions, protest to your MP's MSP's MEP's if you have a problem, or the government of Greenland they are the ones that make the rules cairn have to abide by!



Some things to consider before you berate the actions taken by Greenpeace to raise awareness of this Mickey Mouse oil company.  Cairn is a small bit player in the oil world.  When you consider the $6 billion cost (still on-going) of the clean up operation following the Deepwater disaster and realise that the Gulf of Mexico clean up is a doddle compared to the fierce conditions that are encountered in the Arctic, there is no way that a small company like Cairn could even start to repair and clean up an accident that it could cause.

The drilling in the Arctic can only happen in the relatively ice free 5 months.  Should a leak occur towards the close of the drilling season, there is no way that this could be plugged for 7 months until the ice cover reduces again.  Think of the implications to all the northern countries of that.  Who knows where that oil will end up - it could be Scotland, Russia, Canada, Greenland, or anywhere!  And the scale of devastation will be enormous.

In addition, they are drilling in areas where icebergs are prevalent.  Its a disaster waiting to happen.

This is why Cairn will not publish its 'Arctic oil spill response plan'.  Because it knows that it doesn't have one that is worth the paper it's printed on. 

Good on Greenpeace for highlighting this.  Hopefully investors will get out and stay out.  The company will have no option but to go bust in the event of a spill, leaving UK taxpayers and the UK government to pick up the costs of any clean up.

@Mark MJM - letters, lobbying, emails and meetings are all done by thousands of people.  However, the capitalist system on which the world is run see no benefit to anything, except increasing profits.  And when those profits are made at the expense of peoples lives, the environment and wildlife, then the only people who can be considered stupid and criminal are those who undertake such businesses.  And I for one am proud to support Greenpeace.  They only raise awareness of companies whose utter stupidity and lack of concern could easily result in environmental vandalism. 

And as for wasting police time - well if the police had any ethics, instead of just being the guard dogs of capitalism, then they would sit alongside the people who are trying to protect the planet for their children.

can i just say good on you john halladay. whoever the freak who suports cairn is he can get the hell off our forum! greanpeace campains for good for the needy and for the creatures on gods earth who cant campain for themselves so get . to . hell .



beth  :P ps im 13 and know what cairin do so shouldnt you??!?!?

Your protest at Cairn was farcical. It only goes to prove to people that your organisation has been taken over by the lunitics. Cairn in responce to Greenland legislation which is derived fron NORSOK in Norway has an oil spill plan as do all oil companies. There is no requirement under Greenland or Norwegian legislation for them to publish it.

I agree wth all sane minded people that a spill in these water would be devestating to the environment that is why all oil companies pay a great deal of money to make sure accidents do not happen. Your people labled Cairn as 'a cowboy outfit' please take a closer look at some of the real cowboys operating in GofM, India, China & the persin Gulf who do not have to abide by the lergislation in the UKCS, Norway, Holland, Denmark & Greenland

"In short, they're scared that we found something they don't want you - or their investors - to see. Which surely means they're sitting on something they don't want you - or their investors - to see.

That 'something' is almost certainly the document we went in to look for: their Arctic oil spill response plan." Posted by bex - 22 July 2011 at 12:26pm


Absolute rubbish and you know it.  You forced your way into private offices and looked through documents which are commercially sensitive and published those on the internet.  Disclosing such information online would be of great interest to rival oil companies who also have interest drilling in the area. Drilling exploration oil wells costs many millions of dollars and the actions of a bunch or unemployed students dressed in pantomime costumes could endager the jobs of the employees of Cairn working in Scotland, perhaps taking those jobs to Russia or elsewere.  I similarly presume the investors you refer to would not wish to see the commercial sensitive drilling data that they have helped fun posted all over the internet.

Speaking of Russia, I wonder why Greenpeace hasn't taken any action towards Rosneft.  They have been active in the arctic for many years, and do not adhere to the highest environmental standards in the world, as Cairn does.  Perhaps because they know that if they pulled a little stunt like the one they did in the offices of Cairn at the offices of Rosneft in Moscow, that they would be risking more than a slap on the wrist or a small fine. Cairn operates to the highest standards in the world, unlike all the other companies operating in the Arctic, they are just an easier target for an organisation which has become lazy and unfit for it's stated purpose


As for the 'Secret' oil spill response plan.  Greenpeace are fully aware that it is the government of Greenland who do not want the plan made public, not Cairn.  It is their requirement that it is not made public, presumably because they fear that you will act in a similarly irresponsible way and attempt to damage or invade installations that are needed for safe drilling operations. (see reference article)


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