Proof: car companies are crying wolf

Posted by emmagibson — 29 September 2011 at 11:08am - Comments
Volkswagen is lobbying against environmental laws in the US and Europe
All rights reserved. Credit: Rivotti / Greenpeace
Volkswagen is lobbying against car efficiency laws in Europe

Back in 2007 when the European Commission was trying to agree a law that would force car makers to produce less-polluting cars, I saw first hand how car manufacturers tried every trick in the book to stop it being passed.

This included telling politicians that car companies couldn’t make the cuts needed because cars would become ‘unaffordable’ if the law was passed. As a result of their lobbying the law was significantly weakened and its implementation delayed by several years.

Now we have absolute proof that this scare story was unfounded.

A report out today exposes how car companies like Volkswagen have misled us over their ability to make their cars cleaner.

Not only are most car makers meeting their targets ahead of time but instead of car prices rising in the period since the car efficiency law was passed, car prices have actually gone down by 2.4% per year.

As we gear up to negotiations on a new car efficiency target for car makers I fully expect more of the same misleading tactics from VW and their allies. And with more seats than any other company on the powerful EU car lobby group ACEA, VW have the most powerful voice in Europe on this issue. Our job is to make sure that this time round, the politicians don’t listen to them.

Join our campaign to turn VW away from the Dark Side.

what an absolute load of rubbish vw polo does like 80mpg :P

I Agree Anonymous6574684897634876+54964189, What A Load Of Tosh!

I Agree Anonymous6574684897634876+54964189, What A Load Of Tosh!


hi im dr mumdrof and in fact although your comments  on the polo are correct i beliefe going down with green peiceis bad who else do we laugh at


Oh, look a load of trolls trolling. VW employees maybe? Anyhow, yup there are a few efficient models with BlueMotion in, so why don't VW and other manufacturers (a) make the higher efficiencies standard, and (b) stop lobbying against effective climate legislation? Their reasons were misleading (at best) last time - now they need to get a grip, get efficient, and start supporting action on climate change.

@Dave are you suggesting that Anonymous6574684897634876+54964188 isn't an insightful, sensible member of the environmental community, looking for solutions to climate change?

greenpeace for the win. Why should we let Earth suffer for our plesure!! :D

greenpeace for the win. Why should we let Earth suffer for our plesure!! :D

you know what ........... it would be funny if matt lucas sued green peace for the use of the star wars themes. i couldnt care less about what happens. stuff greenpeace and stuff volkswagen. all idiots nothings gonna change until loads of people die. so why watse money

There are several efficient BlueMotion model with VW and other manufacturers, but I (A) do not make high-efficiency standards, and (b) adopt effective climate legislation under the pressure? The reason for their (peak) was taken for the last...thanks

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