Video: Bearing Witness: Oil disaster in the Russian Arctic

Posted by bex — 28 March 2012 at 3:31pm - Comments

In early March, our colleagues in Russia visited Noyabrsk, in the middle of the West Siberian oil fields, to bear witness to a long-lasting battle between local indigenous communities and oil companies, and to document the widespread pollution caused by oil exploration.

For centuries, this land was a settlement of the Nenets, who bred reindeer, fished and hunted. Now Noyabrsk is the heart of the West Siberian oil and gas complex’s activities, and oil spills and pollution are poisoning water resources and destroying the traditional lands of indigenous groups.

Major oil companies like Shell want to exploit the Arctic for profit. We think that's unacceptable. 340,000 people (and counting) have now signed up to #SaveTheArctic. Can you help us reach half a million?

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