Just how important is 'environmental protection' to VW?

Posted by Louise Edge — 28 November 2012 at 1:33pm - Comments
50 Greenpeace volunteers protest against the high fuel consumption of the new Vo
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VW is still pushing for weaker emissions laws in Europe

"Environmental protection is the top priority for Volkswagen". So says the blurb for VW’s latest PR initiative. But according to a story in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper it seems no one told their lobbyists…

The story reveals that the VDA, the lobby group that represents VW along with fellow German carmakers BMW and Daimler, wants to make a big hole in a proposed EU law to control CO2 emissions from even bigger cars.

The EU is already proposing that car companies receive "supercredits". These would allow them to produce gas guzzlers that exceed EU fuel efficiency targets without being penalised, if they also make a few electric cars.

This is idea doesn't make sense, as it just encourages car companies to continue business as usual, rather than building existing fuel efficient technology into their car fleets.

But now the VDA are saying they must have more supercredits, and that the EU law just isn't realistic because it means companies will have to produce lots of electric cars.

This just isn't true. Study after study (pdf) shows that car companies don't need to build electric cars to comply with the law. VW can just tweak its engines and reduce the weight of its cars and they will get there.

And what would this industry plan mean for us? If VW’s lobbyists get their way we'll end up paying more for our fuel and have higher carbon emissions.

Greenpeace activists,consumers and drivers groups are already against weakening efficiency targets through supercredits. So when will VW and the rest of the German car industry start listening to us?

Now is the time to hold VW to its green claims. Next month VW managers from across the world will meet up in Germany. Let’s send them the message they need to get real and accept a strong EU fuel efficiency law.

All car manufacturers should take into consideration the welfare of our environment. That is why VW has made cars that are eco friendly. Everyone should know that we should take care of our environment because global warming  just scares me.

Volkswagen has done a terrific job with the VW TDI Models. More importantly, I think we will see more bio diesel cars on the road in the near future.


It seems that the EU is mixing up business with politics.The facts are crystal clear. Any car manufacturer wh violates the rules pertaining to environment polution is liable to penalization.As far as car manufacturers like Volkswagen and BMW are considered,it is appreciable that they have taken a sincere effort to curb polution from their end but that doesnt grant them any immunity.



I don't see things this way, I am optimistic that the electric cars will make a difference, will make car ownership cheap and easier to handle for most of us, we just have to be patient about it. The best car commercials today emphasize on the green features of the cars, that should tell us something.

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