Last chance to vote in our Volkswagen film competition

Posted by Richardg — 8 November 2011 at 1:50pm - Comments
Our international film competition launches on 17 September 2011
by. Credit: Greenpeace
Last chance to vote...

Have you voted in our film competition yet?

We challenged film makers to turn their cameras on Volkwsagen and expose its dirty lobbying. Volkswagen says it wants to be the most eco-friendly car manufacturer, but it's spending millions lobbying against climate laws.

Head over to the film competition website and vote for your favourites!

We had all sorts of amazing submissions from all around the world. To help us pick the best, we need you to watch a few films and vote for your favourites, and voting closes on Monday 14 November.

Over 10,000 people have voted so far, but there's still time to let us know which films you like best.

Once the voting closes, our panel of judges will sit down and watch the 12 films with the most votes. Whoever made the best film will recieve a really great prize: a budget of £5,000 to make a campaign film for Greenpeace.

So if you haven't voted yet, head over to our competition website, watch some great films and let us know what you think. But don't tarry, because voting closes on Monday morning!

I love cars and VW if polluting the earth is what it takes then so be.... fuck greenpeace

Sounds like someone's had a bad day and wants to vent.

How did you end up on the Greenpeace blog in the first place Johnny? To be honest with you, attitudes like this are very disheartening to see, it's actually just lazy in my eyes. You could make changes to your life to actually aid our earth's health rather than harm it, consume less, buy a bicycle, look more in depth into what you buy and where that money, that you are putting into that company, is actually going and being used for. But, I know, it's easier to just keep doing what you're doing, not making an effort to help out in a situation which is getting worse and worse every year. Don't worry Johnny, this isn't ALL directed solely at you, I'm just on my soap box now, I want to vent. I personally believe it's this attitude which is why the world is going down the plug hole, the individual needs to research! The individual needs to make there opinions heard. I don't agree with your opinion Johnny, but I think it's great that you've put it up here.

Please comment back and we can discuss.

Second that!!

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To Johnny123445678

You statement on Nov 11th is the same as what cyclists who drive on the pavement say to me....xxxx Oxx...when I ask them to use the road

I dont expect you to be on this site again but if you are come back to Wimperis & me and we can discuss your may convince us...go on..get off the pavement and join the adults on the pavement !!



To Johnny123445678

In The Shining Jack Nicholson says  " Heres Johnny "

Come on Johnny123445678......lets hear from you

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