Letter home: "I'm preparing myself for a lengthy sentence"

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Freelance videographer Kieron Bryan who was arrested when Russian special forces stormed the Arctic Sunrise on September 19th has written a letter home in which he talks about his fears for a lengthy sentence, life in a Russian prison and Spur's latest result.

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Thursday October 3rd, 2013

Hi Bro,

Aside from the horrible uncertainty, and the anxiety that causes, I’m ok. The food is basic or grim but I’ll not starve. The guards can’t communicate but are polite and harmless, likewise my cell mate can barely string two words of English together but he is fine with me. We draw pictures and speak pigeon versions of the other’s language – it’s funny in a farcical way.

Lack of communication has been really tough – I just hope my lawyer can get messages to you – you should be able to reply directly or scan in a letter. I will ask him to send you the prison address – packages are allowed (with restrictions, keep the nail file out!). Things to keep me occupied are always welcome – I’m running out of books since we’ve swapped between the group already. Hopefully GP [Greenpeace] and the Embassy can help there too. I’m not allowed to see the others I came with, we are being kept separately and the only chance to talk comes during the exercise period – it involves shouting over 2 metre high walls and hoping someone can speak English nearby.

I’m worried about you all – what you know, what you don’t, how you’re both doing, how Mum is doing? Stay in touch with Nancy for me, I feel so guilty I’m not there and you all have to suffer with me. Like I say it’s the not knowing that’s doing the damage – no-one can figure out the next play, and it’s all play, we’re just pieces in a game we didn’t want to participate in. People hear rumours from lawyers about release or being moved to apartments and so on, but I think it’ll just be decided far away and we’ll be the last to know. To be honest, if GP [Greenpeace] have contacted you all, you probably know more than I do.

I’m trying to prepare myself for a lengthy sentence. Everyone says it’s very unlikely but all of this feels unlikely. My lawyer seems good though, and he said, me being an independent freelance journalist is a good thing.

All my love,

KJ x

**Some of the content has removed at the request of Kieron's family**

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