MPs vow to fight for clean electricity as the Energy Bill is published

Posted by Richardg — 29 November 2012 at 4:32pm - Comments
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The government has finally published the long-awaited Energy Bill. There's much to like, but it's still missing that vital commitment to clean electricity.

The new set of laws contained in the Bill are supposed to usher in a golden age of green growth and clean electricity. To make sure that happens, businesses, NGOs and the independent Committee on Climate Change all asked the government to promise that the UK's electricity would be almost entirely carbon free by 2030.

Unfortunately, a cabal of anti-clean energy Tories, led by the Chancellor George Osborne, are doing their best to be disruptive. They want the UK to become even more hooked on polluting, imported gas - even though gas is already driving up our fuel bills and pushing people into fuel poverty.

The Bill is not completely useless - there is quite a lot of money available for renewable electricity, for instance - but there's still no sign of this vital commitment to carbon-free power.

Thankfully, MPs from all sides of the House of Commons are fed up with the Chancellor's meddling.

Tim Yeo, the influential Conservative MP who heads up the Energy and Climate Change Committee, says he will make sure the Energy Bill contains a clear commitment to clean electricity. Caroline Flint, the Labour MP who heads up the Opposition energy team, says she'll put aside party differences to deliver carbon-free power.

The Bill has been published, but the battle for our energy future is only just beginning.

Unfortunately the Energy Bill is completely useless as it leaves the door open for the use of nuclear, gas and other cheap methods of generating electricity.   It's quite clear that an energy mix based on purely renewable sources is the only way to save the planet.  What is needed is an immediate deindustrialisation of our society back to something that is sustainable in the long term.  Use of cheap energy sources is completely incompatible with this goal.

I am a physicist from south africa, and found a way
Generate electricity without the use of any fossil fuels
Which is going to generate the same levels of energy
As does a coal power plant. I unfortunately cannot
Make available any details as yet, but it will meet the
World in the course of 2013. Its even cheaper than
Coal, and it DOES work. Like I always say, science is
A systematic revelation of man's glory, yet an
Instantaneous proof of God's glory, where nature is
The keeper and teacher of all our knowledge. Greetings!

Hang on a second, lets get something straight nuclear power is niether clean or cheap. 

From the evidence provided by even a cursory glance at the energy bill this much is manifestly, unambiguously clear: Government is compromised to support the short term interests of established big business over the long term needs of people and planet. It will not ditch fossil fuels or nuckear. It has proved that it will spend decades and £billions sitting on policy fences while the climate burns rather than plan concertedly to mitigate our impact   

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