Pod people latch on in phase two of drilling ship action

Posted by jamie — 22 September 2010 at 10:14am - Comments
Attaching our pod to the Stena Carron

We've stepped up our action in the waters off Shetland where - in addition to climbers Victor and Anais on the anchor chain of the Stena Carron – a custom-built survival pod has been brought into play. Two metres in diameter and weighing half a tonne, it's also been attached to the anchor chain of the Chevron-operated drilling ship which was due to leave for the Lagavulin oil field - but now isn't going anywhere.

Inside the pod will be a number of activists who were recently doing similar fine work on Cairn Energy's rig near Greenland. One of our pod people is Leila, a GP climate campaigner, and it happens to be her birthday – one she won't forget in a hurry, no doubt. We'll be getting updates from Leila and the pod team, as well as Victor and Anais on the anchor chain, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, ministers are preparing to meet tomorrow at the OSPAR meeting in Oslo Bergen, Norway. OSPAR is a organisation set up nearly twenty years ago to administer the Oslo and Paris conventions on protecting the marine environment of the north-east Atlantic. A proposal has been put on the table by Germany for a ban on new deep water drilling in the region.

That would include the UK, but we've heard that our government is sending a team to scupper any such moratorium. That’s right: not only is the government refusing a moratorium on deepwater drilling in our own waters, but it seems they’re also trying to make other countries adopt their dubious position as well.

The resolution our ministers are scrambling to stop recommends a “moratorium on certain new oil exploration activities in deep waters” in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe this summer. In light of what happened in the Gulf of Mexico this is a cynical move on the part of the government, so we're currently examining various legal avenues to stop new permits for deep water drilling being issued in the UK.

More from Oslo Bergen – and the pod – soon.

To be honest i think it is time for new fuels but can you please explain to the world how your ships move. Would it be oil by any chance. Or is it just all the hot air that you blow.

You must be getting fed up of having to continue justifying their use. It's not like there aren't alternatives...... Hydrofoil : world speed sailing record for Hydroptere at 51.36 knots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eJgsiS3xH8&feature=related So stop making excuses and change your mode of transport. I have serious doubts about your safety ethics too.. 500m exclusion zones are there for a reason. Violating them doesn't just put your people at risk.

Have to get some of this magical fuel the greenpeace ships run on . . .oh thats right is good old oil . . . . . . Do all the greenpeace boats use the latest technology to prevent pollution from there engines? Dual fuel technology, water injection, run on LNG, are diesel - electric to maintain optimum loads and minimal emissions, use hybrid propulsion systems, use catalytic converters? No, well the new generation of offshore vessels do. Stop taring every oil company with the same brush, chevron isnt bp, they have learned there lessons which is why they are now using a drillship instead of a semisub west of shetland. There is a difference in drilling at 500m and 1500m. Most of the drilling today is in the 500m area, so how much chain have greepeace got? If greenpeace want to see some pollution, come whimsical modes of operation go to west africa, but then again that wont get them press headlines will it. Lets not forget that people lost there lives in the horizon accident. People put there lives on the line each day working offshore, not only on the rigs but on the supply vessels and anchor handlers as well (RIP Bourbon Dolphin). For the amount of man hours worked offshore, walking down the road is more dangerous. If greepeace dont wish to put lives at risk (and im not talking about the people who are on the anchor chain), keep out of the 500m zone, its there for a reason.

... where did any of you oil industry stooges ever see Greenpeace demanding that all oil use stop immediately? As a GP supporter I actually read what they say, and I've never seen anything to that effect. GP acknowledges that we live in an oil age, where we are all dependent on fossil-fuels to some degree. The question is, now that we know the dire consequences of continuing to burn oil and coal - how do we wean ourselves off them? If we carry on with business as usual we face a 6C rise in global temperatures by 2100, with almost certainly catastrophic consequences for civilisation. That's what the science is telling us. GP is in my opinion taking a responsible course in trying to alert us all to the problem while there is still time to do something about it.

Houndog, if you believe everything scientists say then i feel sorry for you, they have been wrong about almost everything to do with AGW (or lack of), every "so called" fact has never been backed up with any solid proof, its merely what a box of silicone chips has churned out as its been programmed with a bias from the offset, the expression "rubbish in rubbish out" is applicable in the AGW scientists case, as for the GP protesters they should be grateful the boat owners have compassion, as a lot of people would just drop the anchor & to be honest i wouldnt blame them one bit.

Those numnuts are just being tolerated for the moment, as nothing is happening. When it's time to go they'll get 1 hour to get clear, then its oxy-gas cutting time! I'd be happy to give them a swift dunk! Go and do something useful children, like helping the good folk in Leith and Dundee.

Will all you people just here to criticize Greenpeace p*** off??? Every time GP do something new, all there is on the comments is a load of cynical, negative non-supporters trying to discourage the team. Why, why oh why do you bother logging on to write about how GP are in the wrong, aren't what they seem, act pretentiously, etc, etc. I'd love to know what you're doing to help the planet. It must be something pretty extraordinary if you can talk about GP like that. No, they might not be perfect - are they saying they are? So before you come and spread all your unhelpful comments, do consider what Greenpeace have actually achieved so far and whether your own life is even a fraction as productive as some of these people's, who are risking their lives for YOU. If you'd rather sit there waffling on in complete hypocrisy, please go somewhere else. Greenpeace, I salute thee!

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