What's happening in West Africa? An African Voices video

Posted by Gemma Freeman — 17 May 2011 at 1:37pm - Comments
African Voices: Harbour and hub of Joal. Unloading of fish from pirogues.
All rights reserved. Credit: © Gordon Welters / Greenpeace
African Voices: Harbour and hub of Joal. Unloading of fish from pirogues.

Three leaders of West African fishing communities arrived in the UK on Sunday to embark on a week long mission: to reveal how massive European fleets are not just destroying ocean ecosystems in Africa, but also lives and communities.

Giant foreign trawlers dwarf the traditional Pirogue boats of The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Mauritania and Cape Verde. Located far out to sea, the trawlers are plundering the fish stocks of these nations, stealing from coastal communities.

Their destructive methods are creating 'ocean deserts,' leaving local fishermen struggling to feed themselves - let alone their nations, where fish is a vital food source.

So high ranking fishermen from these six nations have been touring Europe to educate the public, fishmongers and policy makers on how our fleets are pillaging their waters - and get them to stop.

Already, our trio have had brilliant successes (more on that soon) in the UK, but for some eye-opening background on what's happening in West Africa, watch this video from our colleagues at Greenpeace France, that bears witness to Europe's secret sea swindle:

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Stealing,corrupting and lying seems to be the only way that modern man has to gain an advantage on his poor existence so he will do anything to put himself above his neighbor.  It seems that nothing is too over the top.  Even destruction of the very thing that creates the great bounty of the sea, land and air is negotiable.  These humans are crazy.  They will gobble up everything, like locusts, to create an imaginary " Ain't I Great" calling card for their next party.  Don't hate them, FIGHT them with all your MIGHT. 

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