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The key players involved in the plan to strangle investment in clean, renewable energy

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David Cameron, Prime Minister

Tackling climate change was a crucial plank of Cameron’s Conservative Party detoxification strategy. This included a high-profile trip to the Arctic to witness the impacts of climate change and running the 2008 local election campaign under the slogan, “Vote Blue. Go Green”. Declared his would be the “greenest government ever”, but has since faced a backlash from party backbenchers and retreated from his green promises.

That his own energy minister John Hayes recently took a public stand against wind power, in direct contradiction of the government’s energy policy, is a clear signal Cameron needs to regain control of the party.


George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer

The MPs we spoke to allege that Osborne intends to consign UK climate change commitments to the scrapheap. This is borne out by Osborne scrapping a number of green initiatives and his attack on environmental laws, both in his 2011 conference address. and autumn statement. Osborne is mentioned by our interviewees as being "onside" with the Tory cabal that’s trying to undermine the UK’s wind energy industry. Has allegedly started referring to parliamentary climate change campaigners as the "environmental Taliban".


John Hayes, Energy Minister

Appointed to the Department for Energy and Climate Change in the September cabinet reshuffle, despite his vehement opposition to wind energy. Caused an outcry on 31 October, when he announced in the Telegraph that “enough is enough” on wind farms, and claimed that after those already in the planning pipeline, Britain needs no more wind turbines. In our film, Chris Heaton-Harris claims he, Hayes and Delingpole would meet, seemingly to discuss Delingpole’s sham campaign. It also features Peter Lilley claiming Osborne maneuvered Hayes into position as energy minister.


Chris Heaton-Harris,Tory MP for Daventry since May 2010

Campaign manager for the Conservatives in the Corby by-election. Known anti-wind activist. Organised a letter to Cameron on 30 January 2012, signed by over 100 Tory MPs, calling for onshore wind subsidies to be "dramatically cut". In our investigation, Heaton-Harris claims that, “I think I can kill off half the wind farms in the United Kingdom”. He claims he told Delingpole to run in the Corby by-election, and organised for a senior member of his own campaign team, Trevor Sherman, to temporarily become Delingpole’s election agent.


James Delingpole

Hard right, anti-wind, climate change denier who was asked by Chris Heaton-Harris to run in the Corby by-election. Recently said that “.. the wind industry is so wrong in every way that to be against it ought to be no more contentious than being against paedophilia”.

Author of a book called Watermelons - How Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing your Children's Future



Peter Lilley, Tory MP and newly elected member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee

Climate change sceptic and director of Tethys Petroleum Ltd, an oil and gas company with operations in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The Conservative Party appointed him to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Select Committee in October, despite being one of only five MPs to vote against the Climate Change Act in 2008. In our secret recordings he says of his appointment: "Yes, it’s certainly put the cat among the pigeons."


Lord Howell, personal adviser to William Hague on energy policy

Foreign Office minister with the energy brief from 2010 to 2012. A strong advocate of increasing the UK’s reliance on natural gas, he nevertheless admitted to us that our reliance on gas supplies from Qatar could leave the UK "up shit creek".




Owen Paterson, Environment Secretary

Like Hayes, appointed in the September Cabinet reshuffle to Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs. This was despite his vehement opposition to wind energy, support for shale gas and a tendency towards climate scepticism. We have footage of Peter Lilley claiming that Paterson was placed by Osborne as part of the plot to undermine clean energy policy and green growth.

David Cameron, I want you to stop George Osborne sabotaging progress on climate change. Signed,

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