Where has the GM Shoppers' Guide gone?

Last edited 16 January 2007 at 5:28pm

Iceland were one of the first supermarkets to remove GM ingredients from their own-brand products

The Guide was produced in 2003 as part of our campaign to remove GM ingredients from our food, allowing shoppers to see which products were GM-free and which ones weren't.

It was an enormous success and proved extremely popular. Covering a wide range of foods, including top brands and own-brands, products were colour coded to show whether your shopping trolley was free of GM ingredients or not.

As part of a massive consumer backlash against GM food, most supermarkets and food manufacturers stopped using GM ingredients in their food. In addition, subsequent EU legislation means that all products containing GM material need to be clearly labelled, which has made our Guide pretty much defunct.

That's not to say we need to be complacent about GM food though. Our position is that genetically modified organisms should not be released into the environment, full stop, so the continued presence of GM food in our shops (however clearly labelled) is an indication that GM crops are still being grown around the world. Not only that, but milk herds are still being fed with GM feed, so the only way to ensure your milk is GM-free is to buy organic.

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