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Lignite mining near Jaenschwalde Germany

Human Chain Kerkwitz in Germany to Grabice in Poland

On Saturday I joined with sixty other UK supporters and 7500 others from 27 countries around Europe in a Human chain from  Kerwitz in Germany to Grabice...

Lego Minifigures climb the wall over Shell partnership

Visitors to the Elder Stubbs Allotments Festival helped stage a minifigure demonstration yesterday - and some of them were climbing the wall, frustrated by the...
by Oxford

Arctic Sunraiser - a shameless plug from the Arctic Sunrise in Amsterdam!

It feels really good to be home…and by ‘home’, I mean back on board the Arctic Sunrise. It’s been 16 months since I was last on board the old lady and a lot...

Thank you Issy Griffin!

Yesterday was both a sad and happy day at Greenpeace UK as we said goodbye to Issy Griffin, who's leaving London with her family for a new life in the...

Street Training in York, 9th - 10th August, 2014

York Greenpeace and Frack-Free York hosted a special training event last weekend at a lovely peaceful location just outside York.  Led by Malcolm, the...

Latest video

Lego seaside adventure The Lego folk take a weekend trip down to Brighton to take in the sea air and sneak into the Lego shop for a few little...

Lego Mini-protestors say LEGO DUMP SHELL

Lego mini-protestors have been out across West Dorset to tell Lego to DUMP SHELL. They explain why in this video they sent us.

VIDEO: Mini Lego Shell Protest at the London Permaculture Festival

Visitors to the London Permaculture Festival helped Camden Greenpeace to stage a mini peaceful protest asking Lego to cut its ties with Shell, who are...
by Camden

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  • Portsmouth Greenpeace - Triathlon Fundraiser 2014
  • Portsmouth Greenpeace - Triathlon Fundraiser 2014
  • Portsmouth Greenpeace - Triathlon Fundraiser 2014
  • Portsmouth Greenpeace - Triathlon Fundraiser 2014
  • Arctic Fundraiser Shoreditch 2014
  • david attenborough, yorkshire south greenpeace, arctic, lego, shell, sheffield

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