We have volunteer groups all over the UK and around the world who support Greenpeace by campaigning locally on national and global issues; organising fundraising events, meeting with their MPs, conducting product surveys or spreading our message on social media. You don't need special skills to get involved, just enthusiasm. Join a local Greenpeace group now

Current campaigns

Detox Outdoors

On 30th January, local groups were campaigning across the UK to get outdoor brand The North Face to remove toxic chemicals from their gear and from the environment. Click the pic on the left to get involved with the campaign.

Not Just Tuna

Local groups across the UK are campaigning to get the worst tinned tuna brands to clean up their destructive fishing practices. Why not join them? Find an event near you.

Featured Greenwire content

Ode to Aurora

One of our activists, Hannah, wrote this lovely poem while locked on to Aurora, our giant polar bear puppet, outside Shell's offices in London earlier this year. Since then, Shell have withdrawn their plans to drill for Arctic oil.

How to make a tuna sign (when you have no art skills!)

Grab more attention when campaigning by making your own signs and props. Volunteers from our Southwark group show you how.

How to help win campaigns

Martin's journey as a volunteer for Greenpeace has been long and varied. Find out what it's like to be an active supporter.

Volunteer opportunities with Greenpeace

We're looking for volunteers to become Greenwire Community Coaches, helping to welcome and guide new members on Greenwire, our community building platform. We're also looking for a new coordinator for our local group in Southampton. Click on the image for full details of both roles.

How to Change the World

How to Change the World is a film about the early days of Greenpeace. Inspired by this, Jess from SW London tells us how we can all help to change the world.

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