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Human Chain

Joined up campaigning - from Dorking to Lausitz

Being a Greenpeace volunteer can sometimes lift and drop you into dramatic situations. Pat, who lives in Dorking, saw the call for help and chose to spend her...
by Surrey

Talk to Radial International Student Camp

On Wednesday 3rd I visited an the Radial International Student Camp at Woodhouse Park Scout Adventure Centre to talk to three groups of around 20 students aged...

Ranks of Riot Police face down Peaceful Protestors in Hull City Centre

This weekend right in the centre of Hull, ranks of Police, fronted by some in riot gear, faced down an entirely peaceful crowd of protesters in Victoria Square...

Anti-coal human chain in Lausitz...

On the 23rd August 2014, I travelled 23 hours by coach from Edinburgh (Scotland) to Lausitz (Germany), at the border with Poland to join a 7500 people-long...

Car Booting for the Arctic Sunrise

It was a glorious Sunday morning and some of us were up early to enjoy the sun as we joined the lines of people setting up their pitches for the Clifton Car...

Latest video

Lego seaside adventure The Lego folk take a weekend trip down to Brighton to take in the sea air and sneak into the Lego shop for a few little...

Lego Mini-protestors say LEGO DUMP SHELL

Lego mini-protestors have been out across West Dorset to tell Lego to DUMP SHELL. They explain why in this video they sent us.

VIDEO: Mini Lego Shell Protest at the London Permaculture Festival

Visitors to the London Permaculture Festival helped Camden Greenpeace to stage a mini peaceful protest asking Lego to cut its ties with Shell, who are...
by Camden

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