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Posted by GPUK — 18 October 2012 at 10:59am - Comments

Greenpeace depends on the passion and enthusiasm of people like you to win campaigns and to create the change we need to see to build a green and peaceful world.

In the UK there are over 1000 Greenpeace active supporters, who organise themselves into local groups and networks. If there is a group / network near you then there are loads of ways you can get involved, so please get in touch with your local coordinator.

If however you can’t join a Greenpeace local group / network, then don’t worry. There are plenty of things you can do in your area as an individual, or with a couple of friends.

8 things you can do to #SaveTheArctic

Stop Shell poster in window

1) Download a #TellShell poster and display it in your window

Stop Shell poster in window.... then ask friendly shops / pubs, local libraries and community centres to put a poster in their windows / on noticeboards. Print #SaveTheArctic 'Protect or Exploit' leaflets and put them in as many dispensers as you can find (ask permission where possible), hand them out at your next community group meeting, to your friends, to yoga class and ... more


2) Write a letter to the local paper

Arctic protest letter in the local paper Tell them about some posters you’ve seen locally, a protest that’s happened in your town, an Arctic story you’ve seen on the news, or simply write as a concerned local resident who’s watched Frozen Planet. Letters pages are the most widely read part of the paper and ... more


3) Join a Shell protest

Family of Shell protestors in West LondonGreenpeace volunteers organise protests almost every weekend. To get involved please contact your local coordinator. Greenpeace has also organised 2 coordinated days of protests involving 100’s of individual activists, most of them new to campaigning. If you’d like to make sure you’re invited to the next Shellday please sign the Arctic scroll and make sure you tell us your postcode.


4) Claim your Shell disloyalty card

Shell disloyalty card Add your own message and then send it to Shell with your club card in pieces. Or write them a letter in your own words about why you think they should scrap their Arctic drilling plans for good. Shell have a freepost address, so it won't even cost you a stamp ... more


5) Host a Save the Arctic talk

Save the Arctic Greenspeaker talk Please invite a trained Greenspeaker to come talk about the Arctic to your community group, environment club, WI branch, Rotary / Lions club, girl guide or scout group, hobby society, transition town meeting or at your school, college or university ... more


6) Organise a Frozen Planet evening

Frozen Planet evening template Inspire your friends and family to join the campaign to #SaveTheArctic, with the BBC’s beautiful documentary. Treat yourself to the DVD collection, print off some template invitations and host a dinner party with a difference. Or get creative. Perhaps an Arctic themed games night or a bigger event using the OU's Arctic resources. Or something fun involving Tunnocks Snowballs. Do what works for you and encourage as many people as possible to sign the Arctic scroll ... more


7) Download an Arctic Rising toolkit

Arctic Rising front cover There are lots more ideas as to things you can do to help in our toolkit. To make the most of it you’ll need to sign the scroll to #SaveTheArctic and then join the Arctic Rising. The ideas will work in any case, but we’d like to share your creative efforts with the rest of the Arctic movement and hopefully inspire others to build on your campaigning ideas ... more


8) Tell us what you'd like to do next

Arctic survey example questions We really want to know what you’d like to do to help #SaveTheArctic so please tell us, and then we’ll ask you to do it. Please also tell us your ideas as to what else we could be asking you, and people like you to do. Together we have the answers ... more

And there's more

Do your own things - organise a fundraising event

Spacehopping fundraising event If you’d like to organise an event where you can raise badly needs funds to support our campaign work then please visit our community fundraising pages. Individual activists have recently organised benefit gigs, cake sales, pub quizzes, stalls at the church fete, barn dances, community fairs and sponsored space hops for Greenpeace ... more
If you can organise an event themed around one of our campaign areas (forests, oceans, climate) then so much the better. e.g. a rainforest themed art exhibition


Join our political lobbying network

Change the politics, save the climate Greenpeace organises regular training events for reliable individuals who are prepared to meet their MP to persuade him/her to support our campaigns. We need people from all over the UK to build relationships with as many MPs as possible. So if you live a long way from a local group / network this may be the best way you can help us campaign for a green and peaceful world. Please register your interest online and we’ll email you details and an application form.

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