Marine reserves

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Our oceans cover most of our planet, but have been undervalued and over-exploited for too long. Greenpeace campaigns for large-scale networks of marine reserves, 'ocean sanctuaries' off limits to destructive human impacts. As well as protecting special places and amazing species, these will give our worlds' seas breathing space to recover, and help rebuild fisheries too.

Campaign updates

Seven deadly fins - scary creatures from the deep sea

Seven Deadly Fins

If you go down in the deep today, you might get a big surprise. At Hallowe’en the usual ghosts, ghouls and monsters are all-too-familiar. But if you want a...
Posted by Willie - 30 October, 2015 - 16:01

Big Blue Love for Big Blue Live

Something amazing is happening in Monterey Bay, California. The bay is a marine sanctuary, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, halfway between San Francisco and...
Posted by Willie - 21 August, 2015 - 14:42

The next UK government promises to be an ocean champion

Here’s a prediction: the next UK government will do great things for global marine protection. At this stage in a general election campaign it’s sometimes...
Posted by Willie - 20 April, 2015 - 11:23

Challenging the UK government to lead the world in ocean protection.

If I said to you that the UK government was responsible for rare sea turtles, endangered sharks, tropical coral reefs and quite possibly more penguins than any...
Posted by Willie - 10 February, 2015 - 17:02

Last chance to save the vaquita?

The vaquita is a beastie with some remarkable claims to fame:It’s one of the two smallest cetaceans in the world, just managing to nudge about 1.5metres long...
Posted by Willie - 24 November, 2014 - 14:59

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