European fishing quotas another "annual farce"

Last edited 19 December 2008 at 3:46pm
19 December, 2008

Commenting on today's announcement of the EU fishing quotas, which has flown in the face of science by allowing an increase in the amount of North Sea cod which can be caught, Greenpeace oceans campaigner Willie Mackenzie said:

"Today's announcement is disastrous for the fishing industry. The cod quota could lead to fishermen fishing themselves out of a job, because these catch levels could see an end to North Sea cod.

"The EU's own scientists have again said that the North Sea cod quota must be reduced. But we're forced to witness the annual farce of bungling bureaucrats seriously jeopardising the future for cod and the UK fishing industry.

"The Common Fisheries Policy isn't working, for the fishing industry, or for our seas. It's clear that these quota decisions have to be taken out of the hands of fisheries ministers if there is to be any chance of real recovery for Europe's decimated fish stocks.

"Moves towards more selective nets and closing areas to reduce discards are very welcome - but that doesn't mean we should ignore the scientific advice. Much more needs to be done to allow Europe's decimated fisheries to recover - and that includes setting aside large areas, off-limits to commercial fishing, as marine reserves."


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