Public pressure getting to Cuadrilla - Greenpeace

Last edited 14 August 2013 at 7:54am
13 August, 2013

Responding to Cuadrilla’s comments that it is unlikely to proceed with full production at its drilling site in Balcombe, Greenpeace Energy Campaigner Leila Deen said:

"The public pressure is clearly getting to Cuadrilla, but Balcombe deserves clarity. If the company is not going to extract shale there, it owes local residents an assurance and should give details of when it will leave the village, where it's clearly not wanted.

"Cuadrilla has caused alot of pain in Balcombe for no gain, which is likely to be the experience of fracking across England. At least after the scale of opposition and protest in Balcombe, other communities will feel empowered to fight back."


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