Wind farms far more popular than fracking, government poll shows

Last edited 14 March 2014 at 4:58pm
14 March, 2014

Commenting on a Ipsos MORI survey for the Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills, published today, Greenpeace UK energy campaigner Lawrence Carter said:

"The department for business certainly won't be making a big deal out of this survey, as it reveals just how out of touch the government is when it comes to the kind of energy future the public wants. People overwhelmingly support clean offshore wind over dangerous fracking, yet the government is obsessed with shale gas. And despite the Prime Minister's claims about how tightly the fracking industry would be regulated, it now turns out that half of the people surveyed don’t trust his government to ensure it's safe.

“Later this year over 60 per cent of the country will be opened up to fracking exploration. With a general election looming, the ruling parties could yet pay a high price for their severe misjudgement of the public mood on fracking.”


·          Among those who have heard of each of the respective technologies (offshore wind farms, fracking, and carbon capture storage), people are largely supportive of offshore wind farms (76% support their development), but less so when it comes to CCS (51%) or fracking (36%). For CCS, while support is lower, there is also little outright opposition – instead, two-fifths are either neutral (31%) or undecided (10%) on whether they support it or not.  A relatively large proportion (27%) are also neutral about fracking. However, in contrast to the other two technologies, this already seems to be more contentious – around one-in-three (36%) support its development, but a similar proportion (34%) oppose it. [Pg 171]

·         Those who have heard of fracking are divided on whether they can trust the UK Government to adequately regulate it (44% trust them a great deal or fair amount, versus 49% not trusting them very much at all) [Pg 175]

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