Lego is keeping bad company

Last edited 1 July 2014 at 9:55am
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1 July, 2014

For over 50 years, LEGO has inspired children’s play and creativity. The company which was founded in 1932 is loved and admired not only for producing quality toys, but also for its efforts around safety, climate and the environment. It is ranked as one of the top ten most reputable companies in the world. For all these reasons, LEGO is a wonderful playmate for children around the world.

However, LEGO has fallen in with the wrong crowd. As part of a co-promotion, LEGO has branded Shell’s logo on a special set of its toys. As one of the world’s largest oil companies, Shell is responsible for a significant amount of global carbon emissions. And Shell is now hunting for more oil in one of the world’s last remaining pristine regions: the Arctic. Sea ice in the The far north is melting, but rather than see this as a warning sign, Shell sees it as an opportunity to drill for more of the oil that caused the melt in the first place.

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