Nestlé and palm oil

Last edited 12 March 2010 at 2:56pm

Today is the start of international action by Greenpeace to expose Nestlé’s role in the destruction of the last remaining forests and peatlands of Indonesia.

Need more evidence?
Crime file

It's likely that many of you don’t know your employer is involved in destroying these rainforests, so we want to give you this opportunity to find out more about it. After you've read the evidence and watched the slideshow detailing the chain of destruction, if you have any questions or comments, post them below and we'll answer them.

And come back here at 11am to see the global premiere of Nestlé's new Kit Kat advertising campaign... or at least the one we think it should be.

The new evidence we've released today in the crime file shows that Nestlé is buying palm oil from suppliers that are rapidly expanding their plantations into rainforest areas – killing orang-utans and accelerating climate change in the process.

But unlike several other companies, including Unilever and Kraft, Nestlé has so far refused to cancel contracts with these palm oil suppliers.

Whether you agree with our actions or not, we hope you'll start talking about this with your colleagues and agree that it's indefensible for Nestlé to be associated with this appalling destruction. Let us know what you think.

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