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Fracking in 38 South Eastern constituencies

Lawrence Carter
Lawrence Carter is an energy campaigner at Greenpeace & reporter for Energydesk
License: All rights reserved. Credit: Hannah Davey

Licenses have been granted to fracking firms in 38 constituencies in the South East of England according to an analysis by Greenpeace reporters covered in the Financial Times.

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Which constituencies have fracking - and who's doing it? Check our analysis.

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The analysis is based on data obtained by Energydesk from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) which listed all the currently active drilling licenses in the UK.


That data was merged with data on 2010 constituency boundaries to establish where fracking is likely to take place.

However not all licenses are likely to result in fracking – as some firms focus on conventional oil and gas – so we carried out a further check to filter for firms who listed fracking as one of their primary activities.


The final data can be found and downloaded here with constituencies broken down by county.