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Fracking political map

Lawrence Carter & Damian Kahya

Type in your post-code or town to find out if a license is granted in your area - oh - and who is your sitting MP (but then you knew that didn't you?) 


Red: Labour Party
Blue: Conservative
Yellow: Liberal Democrats
Green: Green Party
Purple: Oil & Gas license 

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Search fracking licenses by your MP

How to contact your MP (external link).

Just under half the Cabinet may face drilling for shale gas or oil within their constituencies - according to an analysis of oil and gas drilling licenses issued by the Department of Energy and Climate change.

The analysis suggests that up to 13 members of the cabinet - including Energy Secretary Ed Davey, Chancellor George Osborne and Foreign Secretary William Hague - could see exploratory drilling in their seats over the coming years.

The analysis comes after Mr Osborne indicated he would lobby fellow Conservative MPs to support shale gas - even in their own constituencies.  Earlier his father-in-law Lord Howell had suggested that drilling should avoid the South focusing instead on the 'desolate' North East.

Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, also said he 'loves' fracking a position which was then criticised by his party President (and Northern MP) Tim Farron.

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