Tuna league table 2008 Princes

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Tuna league - poor performance sees Princes in second last place


red_x There is no evidence of Princes demonstrating stock or species selectivity in terms of where and how they source skipjack and yellowfin.
red_x Princes has a target to source all of their fish from independently certified fisheries where available, but there is no date for this target and little indication of how the company is working to achieve this objective or of other measures being taken to address sustainability.
red_x The majority of Prince's tuna comes from comes from purse seiners with no restriction on the use of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs).
red_x Princes does not consistently tell you what kind of tuna is inside its tins and never tells you how the fish was caught.
red_x Marine reserves are critical to ensuring the long term viability of tuna and other fish stocks, but Princes has so far failed to express public support for their establishment.


Verdict: poor performance sees Princes in second last place.

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