Join us in Lancashire for a rally to say NO to fracking

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Last year our movement to stop fracking won a huge victory when Lancashire council voted against Cuadrilla’s bid to drill for shale gas. But now ministers in David Cameron’s government have recalled the decision, meaning that very soon the council could be overruled -- and fracking could be given the go ahead.

Greg Clark: The man behind Lancashire’s fracking furore

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In the coming months we'll find out if fracking will be allowed in Lancashire. Even though in June last year the local county council voted against shale gas drilling, David Cameron's Westminster government has since intervened and decided that one minister - Greg Clark - will have the final say.

Government issues fracking licenses in areas of significant flood risk

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22 December, 2015

Nearly one-fifth of recent fracking permit blocks offered by the government substantially overlap with zones at significant risk of flooding according to new analysis by Greenpeace’s Energydesk.

23 out of 124 blocks (19%) offered to firms as part of the 14th licensing round were significantly covered by areas at a high or medium risk from flooding, while almost all of the rest of the blocks are partially covered.

The analysis highlights one of the challenges faced by shale gas operations, which must ensure chemicals and flow-back water from drilling is kept from entering the ecosystem.

Greenpeace analysis shows which constituencies and protected areas can now be fracked

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17 December, 2015

The latest tranche of permits for exploratory drilling for shale gas issued by the Government puts National Parks including the Peak District and the North York Moors at risk of fracking underneath them, alongside Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), Greenpeace analysis has shown.

Government issues more fracking licenses to companies linked to tax havens

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17 December, 2015

Fracking companies found by a Greenpeace investigation to be either wholly or partly owned by entities based in offshore tax havens have today been issued further fracking licenses by the UK Government.

Yesterday a Greenpeace investigation revealed that 40% of existing fracking licenses (issued ahead of today’s announcement) were held by companies linked to tax havens, including Celtique Energy, Cuadrilla, INEOS and Third Energy.

Government completes u-turn, allows fracking under national parks

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Areas including North Yorks Moors, pictured here, could end up circled by fracking rigs

Bad news. Our MPs have just voted to allow fracking under national parks and wildlife protection zones.

Greenpeace investigation links frackers to tax havens

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16 December, 2015

40% of licenses to frack in the UK are held by companies which are wholly or partly owned in offshore tax havens, a Greenpeace investigation has found.

Analysis also shows that Cuadrilla, one of the UK’s leading shale gas firms, is majority owned by entities based in offshore tax havens.

Government completes U-turn to allow fracking under national parks, amid Tory rebellion

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16 December, 2015

MPs have voted by 298 – 261 in favour of fracking under national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), World Heritage Sites, and Groundwater Protection Zones.

The vote saw a number of Conservative MPs rebel against the Government – although the full breakdown of how MPs voted is yet to be released. Greenpeace said the Government has broken its promise, having previously committed to an “outright ban” on fracking in protected areas.

New petition: Government must respect Lancashire council's decision to say no to fracking

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by. Credit: John Cobb / Greenpeace
'Frack Free Zone' signs along Blackpool Promenade, Lancashire

You might have heard today that the government has announced it will 'call in' the decision over fracking in Lancashire. What this means is that, depsite Lancashire county council voting against the shale gas industry back in June, the government now intends to have the final say.

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