Haven't we got enough already - why is more nuclear waste heading our way?

Posted by jossc — 1 October 2007 at 12:56pm - Comments

Despite the close attentions of coastguard ships and helicopters, not to mention an anti-terrorist task force, 30 Greenpeace activists in inflatable boats intercepted a British Nuclear Group ship this morning as it headed towards Sweden to pick up a cargo of nuclear waste. The intense level of protection around the Atlantic Osprey meant that its arrival was only delayed by an hour or so before docking at the nuclear facility at Studsvik, where it will pick up 4.8 tonnes of spent nuclear fuel, due for reprocessing at Sellafield's MAGNOX plant.

Sweden closes nuclear plants over safety fears

Posted by bex — 4 August 2006 at 8:00am - Comments
forsmark nuclear power plant in Sweden

forsmark nuclear power plant in Sweden

"It was pure luck there wasn't a meltdown," said a former director of Forsmark nuclear power plant after a serious incident at that plant last week. Now Sweden has shut down four of its 10 nuclear plants after faults were discovered. And a generator failure like Sweden's could easily happen in the UK.

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