Greenpeace lifts the lid on John West’s tuna

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28 October, 2015

  • Giant tuna tin sculpture installed outside John West’s Liverpool HQ
  • Projected films show Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the people of Liverpool slamming John West and its owner Thai Union over environmental destruction and links to human rights abuses

Wednesday 28th October, 2015, Liverpool - At 6.30am this morning Greenpeace activists installed an enormous, provocative, sculpture outside tuna company John West’s Liverpool HQ, to protest against the company’s destructive fishing practices and to highlight John West’s owner Thai Union’s links to human rights abuses.

Active supporter shark at Princes
Sharks demonstrate outside Princes head office in Liverpool

Eco-campaigners hang 'dead sharks' from iconic Liver Building

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Greenpeace targets HQ of food giant Princes over shark-killing methods

21 February, 2011

Bosses arriving for work this morning at the giant food company Princes were confronted with the consequences of the destructive, shark-killing fishing methods used to catch the tuna for their tins. (1)

Eco-Chickens come down from their perch

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21 November, 2000

Greenpeace climbers involved in the Eco-Chicken invasion of the Cargill GM soya factory in Liverpool Docks yesterday were served with an injunction this morning ordering them to leave. The climbers are now complying with this injunction and have descended from their perch in order to leave the premises.

The climbers were part of a team of 60 Greenpeace volunteers who invaded the Cargill plant yesterday. The other volunteers, dressed in chicken costumes, were ejected yesterday with eight arrests. Four chickens were charged with aggravated trespass after locking themselves onto a conveyor belt that carries GM soya for processing. They will appear at Sefton Magistrates court tomorrow (Wednesday 22 November at 13.45). The other four have been bailed to appear on 2 February 2001.

Greenpeace exposes GM sneaking in to our food

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beluga at sea

beluga at sea

The Greenpeace ship the Beluga is currently moored in Albert Docks, Liverpool to help put a spotlight on continuing imports of GM crops entering the UK, through Cargill's facility there.

Eco-chickens shut down GM importer

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20 November, 2000

At 8.00 am this morning (Monday 20 November) sixty Greenpeace volunteers dressed as pantomime chickens invaded and shut down the UK's only GM soya mill. The invasion comes only days after fast food chain McDonalds announced that it was to ban meat from animals fed on GM.