Adios, McKinsey: Papua New Guinea gives consultants the heave-ho

Posted by jamie — 14 December 2011 at 2:58pm - Comments
Child in Papua New Guinea protesting about land grabbing
All rights reserved. Credit: Paul Hilton/Greenpeace
Local people, not global consultants, should have a say in how their forests are protected

It seems the bad influence of McKinsey has diminished somewhat recently. The consultancy firm has been kicked out of Papua New Guinea (PNG), where it had been advising the government on how best to protect its rainforests and reduce emissions from deforestation. It seems the new (if controversial) administration has decided to cease doing business with McKinsey.

Bad advice at climate talks could increase deforestation and emissions

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The big question that currently hangs over climate talks in Durban is whether or not the politicians will agree to sign a legally binding treaty by 2015 with mandatory emissions cuts. But the devil will be in the details, and management consultants pushing bad advice could have a big impact on our climate and rainforests.

McKinsey's bad advice is threatening rainforests - it can't be trusted

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Devastated forest land in an Asia Pulp & Paper concession, Sumatra April 2010
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Advice from consultancy firm McKinsey will lead to more deforestation, not less as it claims

This week, the Guardian uncovered evidence of global consultancy firm McKinsey profiting from the shake-up to the NHS. At the same time, McKinsey was paid £250,000 a year by the UK government for advice on the transition towards health secretary Andrew Lansley's vision for the service.

Evidence on McKinsey's bad forest influence grows

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Logger with a chainsaw on a tree stump in Papua New Guinea
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace/Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
McKinsey's advice on climate and forests could lead to more deforestation in countries like Papua New Guinea

Back in April, we revealed serious defects in national plans to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation, due to the influence of global mega-consultancy firm McKinsey. Incredibly, McKinsey’s advice to forest nations could actually lead to increased deforestation, more carbon emissions, huge loss of biodiversity and violations of human rights. Now we’ve taken another step in building pressure on McKinsey.

Deforestation could increase in the Congo due to McKinsey advice

Bad Influence at the World Bank

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Deforestation could increase in the Congo due to McKinsey advice
All rights reserved. Credit: © Greenpeace
Deforestation could increase in the Congo due to McKinsey advice

In her blog post last week, my colleague Tracy explained why Greenpeace has taken on one of the big beasts of the corporate jungle: the consultancy firm McKinsey. These guys are at the top of the tree when it comes to advising governments on forests, so we’ve published a report investigating  them called Bad Influence: How McKinsey-inspired plans lead to rainforest destruction. 

MCKINSEY Report - Bad Influence - Downloadable Infographics

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15 April, 2011

Greenpeace’s McKinsey-inspired infographics are available
or as artwork toolkits for you to dismantle, adapt and use as your own, in part or full.

Click on the images for details, or download originals and PDFs:

McKinsey advice on rainforest schemes fundamentally flawed

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Basic errors in McKinsey-influenced national plans

7 April, 2011

A new Greenpeace report, Bad Influence, has revealed how advice given
by global consultancy firm McKinsey to national governments could lead
to an increase in the destructive logging it is intended to prevent.

As two former McKinsey executives face accusations of insider trading in the US, the report raises further questions about the consultancy giant, examining the damaging influence of McKinsey’s advice on rainforest nations’ forest protection plans. McKinsey is the market leader in advising national governments on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) programmes, yet its advice has played a key role in distorting this process to a point where donor money could be used to subsidise the expansion of the logging industry.

Bad Influence infographic: McKinsey and REDD+ High Res
Bad Influence infographic: McKinsey and REDD+