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Stickers on Morrisons tinned tuna

John West hasn't shifted on tinned tuna, neither has Morrisons. At least, not yet...

Posted by Gemma Freeman — 31 March 2011 at 11:25am - Comments
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In 2006, we said Morrisons was the worst fish retailer. Now its failing on tinned tuna, just like John West

We had huge success earlier this month getting both Princes and Asda to clean up their tinned tuna. But the battle against the butchering of our oceans isn’t over: John West and Morrisons are still not off the hook (ahem).

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48242 emails sent to John West

Tinned tuna giants go shark-friendly

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Bulk of UK market shifts to sustainable fishing

9 March, 2011

Princes – who sell more tinned tuna than any other company in the UK – are going to stop using a fishing method which is responsible for killing sharks.

And supermarket chain Asda have today also announced that they will shift to greener fishing methods for their canned tuna.

The move follows a campaign waged by Greenpeace, who earlier this year placed Princes at the bottom of a tinned tuna sustainability league table.

John Worst: Killing Sharks
Success! You changed Princes tuna

You did it! Princes will indeed change their tuna, and so will Asda

Posted by jamie — 9 March 2011 at 12:48pm - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace/Kristian Buus

It's with enormous pleasure that I can reveal that Princes has (finally) got the message that bycatch is killing the oceans and has announced that it will clean up its tinned tuna.

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