African Voices slideshow: local fishing communities under threat

Posted by Gemma Freeman — 12 May 2011 at 5:00pm - Comments
Fishingboats arriving to Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde.
All rights reserved. Credit: © Christian Åslund / Greenpeace
Fishingboats arriving to Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde.

On Sunday the latest leg of African Voices begins, as three delegates from West African fishing communities arrive in London to start a tour of the UK, speaking out on how the invasion of industrial-sized EU fleets are threatening their livelihoods, food security and marine ecosystems.

A change in tuna policy: Morrisons move means all UK supermarkets switch

Posted by Willie — 12 April 2011 at 9:35am - Comments
Tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean
All rights reserved. Credit: Alex Hofford/Greenpeace
Tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean

Brilliant news! Morrisons has announced a new policy on tinned tuna, committing to stop sourcing fish caught via destructive fishing methods: this means that now all major UK supermarkets have now changed their policy towards being more sustainable. This leaves John West as the last major supplier left that still needs to change its tuna.

John Worst
Morrisons tuna stickers
Stickers on Morrisons tinned tuna

John West hasn't shifted on tinned tuna, neither has Morrisons. At least, not yet...

Posted by Gemma Freeman — 31 March 2011 at 11:25am - Comments
Greenpeace climber and banner on the roof of Morrisons
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace/John Cobb
In 2006, we said Morrisons was the worst fish retailer. Now its failing on tinned tuna, just like John West

We had huge success earlier this month getting both Princes and Asda to clean up their tinned tuna. But the battle against the butchering of our oceans isn’t over: John West and Morrisons are still not off the hook (ahem).

Morrisons shop sign
48242 emails sent to John West

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