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Oil is the second biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions after coal. It’s responsible for about 27 per cent of the CO2 we release into the atmosphere. If we don’t start moving beyond oil now, the costs we pass on to our children will be unbearable.

We’re campaigning for a world beyond oil - a world that's cleaner, healthier and more peaceful. We won’t get there overnight, but we need to make a start…

Where we are now

Traffic in London

At the moment, oil is being used to power most of our vehicles, making us all dependent on it in some way - to get our food, to go to work, to see our loved ones.

Why we've taken the government to court over oil drilling

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Campaigner Vicky Wyatt with the papers for the legal challenge

Ben Ayliffe, one of our climate campaigners, writes about the reasons behind the legal case:

Former BP boss Tony Hawyard's recent mea culpa over Deepwater Horizon reminded me of an interview he gave to the company's in-house magazine in 2008. Hayward, it was claimed, "has the advantages of a scientist's clarity of mind, combined with a lifelong BP man's human understanding," the eulogy concluding that BP "is in good hands." Whilst the Gulf of Mexico disaster went on to illustrate the price of such hubris, Hayward's admission that the catastrophe was one "that all our corporate deliberations had told us simply could not happen" raises questions about how government and investors assess the risks of unconventional oil.

Greenpeace Takes Government to High Court to Halt Deep Water Oil Drilling

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12 November, 2010

Ever wanted to stop an oil rig?

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Now's your chance to stop an oil rig. Well, quite a few really.

Right now, in the corridors of Brussels, our politicians and civil servants are haggling over our future. Specifically the future of our oil consumption.

We know the vast majority of oil is used in transport, and that's why the forthcoming European decisions on emissions targets for vans and cars are so important to our Go Beyond Oil campaign.