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Shell is about to start drilling for oil in the Arctic. They plan to take advantage of the melting ice, and their ‘drilling window’ has just opened. To add your voice to the protests, please tell Shell what you think of their drilling plans.

Now you could write them a letter or send them an email but we prefer to use creative tools to challenge the big corporations who are threatening the future of our planet. So when someone spotted a Shell loyalty club form, with a handy freepost address, well it was hard to resist. 

  • You can download and print off your Shell Disloyalty club form here it works better in colour and you may need to do some cutting and glueing it together
  • Please add your message and details and send it to Shell
  • If you already have a drivers club card, or if you would like to pick one up at your local Shell petrol station – then please send it back to Shell in pieces
  • Please tell us what you’ve done – so I can figure out if this is working

Shell have received 100’s of thousands of emails telling them to scrap their Arctic plans. Now we need to show them that people will do more than send emails. Taking the time to send a more personal message, in a colourful and creative way is the next step.

If you'd like to do more

And then tell your friends, family, people you meet on the bus etc. Ask them to join the campaign to #SaveTheArctic. And then ask them to join the Shell disloyalty club, and to tell their friends.

Please get involved - we need your help.

*If you would like to write a letter or an email to Shell, in your own words, then their contact details are here.

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