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Greg Clark Fracking protests

Fracking: Don't Silence Us

Last year, Lancashire council said NO to the fracking industry. In a move that makes a mockery of local democracy, Westminster politicians have announced they will 'call in' the council's decision. Tell Greg Clark to respect Lancashire democratic right to say no to fracking.
Chancellor George Osborne and Hinkley power station

Don't Waste Billions Of £s On Nuclear Power

George Osborne is on the cusp of wasting billions on nuclear power. The new nuclear plant he wants to build at Hinkley in Somerset is set to be the most expensive object on Earth – and already it’s at least 8 years overdue.Sign the petition to Chancellor George Osborne
David Cameron Microbeads and Brushing Teeth

Ban Microbeads

Harmful plastic "microbeads" are unnecessarily put in the face scrubs and toothpastes we use every day. They are too small to be filtered, so end up in our oceans - and the creatures swimming in them. Tell David Cameron to follow President Obama by banning the use of polluting plastic microbeads.

Sign the Clean Air Petition now

Air pollution in the UK is responsible for cutting short 40,000 lives every year. It’s now a public health crisis, where children, the elderly and the most vulnerable people in our society are most affected by dangerous and toxic air. Sign the petition to David Cameron now

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