Help us protect them and their forest

Last edited 5 October 2007 at 5:35pm


Indonesia's rainforest is one of the richest, most varied eco-systems on earth – teeming with animals and plant species so numerous that we’re still discovering new ones.

Orang-utans, elephants, Sumatran tigers, hundreds of bird species and thousands of plant species all rely on this rainforest for their survival. It’s also home to millions of people who depend on the forest for their livelihood and way of life.

orang-utans face decimation as their rainforest habitat is cleared

Yet this forest is being cut down and burnt at a staggering rate.

Countless species face extinction and entire communities are being displaced. If current rates of deforestation continue, this forest could be lost within our lifetimes.

We can change this.

Last year, we exposed how many companies were contributing to rainforest deforestation by buying soya. McDonald's and other leading European food retailers then formed a unique alliance with Greenpeace to demand action from soya traders to stop this destruction. Our campaign resulted in a 2 year moratorium by the ‘big five’ Soya operators to stop trading in soya grown on newly deforested land in the Amazon.

Now we need to focus on the forests of Indonesia. But for this we need your help. Please support us with a regular gift of just £3 today. Your support really will make a difference. Thank you.


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