I will give a monthly donation to protect the rainforest

could help protect the incredible array of species that live in the forests
could help keep the forests cleaning the air we breathe
could help the people who live in the forest safeguard their homes

Why we must protect forests

The world’s forests support and nurture life in almost every form it takes. They are essential for protecting our climate, they clean the air we breathe, and help circulate water around the world.

Despite their importance, rainforests are being destroyed by greedy corporations for cheap throwaway products including confectionery, cosmetics and packaging.

Our forests are too important to lose. We must act now to protect them.

What your donation will do

Your donations will ensure Greenpeace can do everything in our power to achieve our vision of zero deforestation.

You will help us:

 Investigate the scale of rainforest destruction

 Expose the companies responsible for illegal and destructive logging

 Pressure companies and governments to take action to protect forests.

What you will be protecting

The forest ecosystems which are essential for protecting life as we know it.

Billions of plants and animals including endangered species.

Millions of indigenous people reliant on forests for their survival.

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