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Greenpeace’s mission and the EU referendum

Posted by John Sauven - 22nd June 2016

On Friday morning we will know if our future in the UK will be based on what the late Jo Cox MP described as ‘ the security and stability of Britain’s continued membership of the European Union’ and a place where ‘we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us’. Or whether the opposite will be true that we have more that divides us than we have in common. 

As Greenpeace our mission is to try and create a more green and peaceful world. We know that cannot be done in isolation from others. All the things we work on, from protecting our oceans to tackling climate change, can only be achieved by international cooperation. If we can’t get on with 27 other countries in Europe then how can we ever expect to achieve agreements with 195 countries in this world? All the major issues which we face, from the environment to human rights, to tackling corporate power or tax evasion, to help for refugees, can only be achieved by cooperation. Living in splendid isolation will solve none of the problems that we face as a nation or as 7 billion people living together on this planet.

We should be celebrating the fact that Europe has been at peace within the EU borders since 1945; that it has cleaned up the regions polluted waters; that it has protected people’s fundamental rights. The EU is far from perfect but to leave now would be a vote for division and despair.

As the Executive Director of Greenpeace UK I have already made my personal decision about why I believe we should stay in. My colleagues at RSPB, WWF and other organisations have made their views clear. Now it is time for you to decide what future to vote for.

On Thursday 23rd June, whatever your views, please vote in this historic referendum.

John Sauven
Executive Director
Greenpeace UK

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