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John West caught red handed in the Indian Ocean – thanks to you!

Posted by Greenpeace UK - 21st April 2016

Greenpeace crew, currently on board the Esperanza in the Indian Ocean, have found a destructive fishing device (FAD) that has been deployed by a John West supplier. We know this thanks to your research on John West tuna cans coming from the region. 

The FAD has been deployed by the Talenduic, a French-flagged vessel operating in the Indian Ocean. The citizen research we launched last week reveals this ship is definitely supplying John West.

Supporters found tuna cans related to this ship in three different stores in the UK. And thanks to citizen research taking place in different countries, the Talenduic has also been related to tuna cans sold in France by Petit Navire, and John West in the Netherlands. All these brands are owned by tuna giant Thai Union, which produces one in every five cans of tuna sold around the world. But people are demanding an end to their disregard for marine life.

Up to one million silky sharks could be killed by FADs every year in the Indian Ocean. 

The crew has taken incredible underwater footage, confirming that it’s not just tuna that are gathering around these marine snares. Among other species swimming under the FAD, they spotted silky sharks – a near threatened species according to the IUCN. 

Thank you!

 The Esperanza’s crew has pulled out this FAD out of the water and prevented this wildlife from being killed. Thanks to your engagement in this citizen research, we have been able to confirm supply chain connections, from sea to shelf, and to prevent John West from plundering the beauty of our oceans.

We still need your help to gather more information – join our tuna investigation here.

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