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Covid-19 needs our attention right now, but recovery measures could be part of the solution for the climate emergency

Right now, the coronavirus pandemic is the global priority. We all need to work together to save lives and keep our communities together. But the climate and nature emergencies will still be there when the spread of Covid-19 is brought under control. With the right recovery, this could be the moment we take the measures that solve the climate crisis at the same time we escape from this one.


Fairbourne: the village that could be lost to the sea

In the far west of Wales, a little too close to the sea, lies a small village called Fairbourne. It’s being called the first place in the UK to be lost to climate change, as rising sea levels and extreme weather become too much to defend it from.


Climate change affects rich and poor unequally. Climate justice redresses the balance

Climate change is already harming peoples’ lives, but those effects are not being felt equally around the world. People in poorer countries and communities are facing the brunt of the crisis. Climate justice means balancing the scales, repairing the damage to these people’s lives but also holding those most responsible for the climate crisis to account.


How Barclays and other banks are funding climate change

Think you know your climate villains? One thing you might not know is that banks such as Barclays have earned themselves a place at the top of the list. They're funding the companies fuelling climate change – whether it's drilling for oil, clearing forests or violating human rights.