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7 reasons why meat is bad for the environment

From climate change to forest fires to human rights abuses, the global industrial meat industry leaves a trail of destruction all over the world. Millions of people's lives depend on a dramatic reduction in the consumption of meat and dairy. And it’s not just red meat that’s the problem.


In pictures: celebrating forest life on International Forests Day

As well as protecting the planet from climate change, our forests are home to a huge range of amazing nature and animal biodiversity. It's crucial that we do all we can to keep them safe. For International Forests Day 2020 – and when many of us need reminding of the beautiful natural world out there – here are some pictures of life in forests all over the world.


How well do you know the orangutan?

Orangutans have many interesting quirks. Here are 10 facts about one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom – where you can learn about their talent for engineering, what makes an orangutan attractive to a mate and what everyday household item they love to eat!


Did you know this about tigers?

Tigers have loads of unique and fascinating features. Did you know that each tiger has the word "king" written on it? Or that a tiger's roar can temporarily paralyse human? Here are 10 incredible tiger facts to share with your friends.


2020: starting a decade of change to protect the climate and nature

In the last 12 months, climate change and the destruction of nature have become impossible to ignore. Millions of people took to the streets as wildfires raged and heatwaves threatened lives – hitting many of the communities least responsible hardest. 2020 will kickstart a decade of change so forests, oceans and the climate can be restored and renewed.