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Screenshot from the TV show Succession. Main characters Tom and Greg stand face-to-face in a plush corporate lounge. The subtitle reads "You're going to sue Greenpeace?" Blog

So, you want to sue Greenpeace…

Inspired by Succession? Whether or not there's a cousin Greg in your life, here's how you can follow in Uncle Ewan's footsteps and remember Greenpeace in your Will - or just chip in a few pounds today.


How supermarkets can halve plastic packaging

Supermarkets are under pressure to reduce plastic, but last year they produced more of it than ever. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Greenpeace has released a plan showing how supermarkets can half their plastic packaging by 2025. Here’s what they need to do.


Pitch a tent at Greenpeace AAA – the virtual online festival

Greenpeace AAA – Action All Areas – is here, bringing the legendary Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury vibe online and into your home. Running from Thursday 18 June to Saturday 20 June, this is an innovative virtual festival featuring musicians, artists, chefs and activists, hosted by presenter Sarah Lamptey.


Greenpeace UK’s commitment to tackling systemic racism

As an organisation and as individuals, we at Greenpeace UK are committed to dismantling systemic racism, creating a community of allies and empowering people of colour. Today we’re making four commitments to improve the way we work on these issues.