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All those times the anti-fracking campaign rocked

For nearly a decade, people across the country have stood against the companies and ministers which have tried to get fracking off the ground. That fracking has been halted across the UK is a testament to their dedication, commitment and creativity.


5 problems with ‘sustainable’ palm oil

Palm oil is used in all sorts of everyday products from shampoo to chocolate, but it’s been disastrous for the world’s forests. Here are five not-so-fun facts about ‘certified sustainable’ palm oil, which is often anything but.

Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti Blog

3 young black climate activists in Africa trying to save the world

For this year’s Black History Month, we are celebrating the contributions of black people around the world to the global movement for climate justice. Here are three amazing young black activists, describing how they fight for our environment in different African countries.