Greenpeace Reaction to Government’s Boiler Ban – Good but not good enough


In reaction to news reports about the Prime Minister’s plan to phase out gas boilers by 2035 and provide £5000 grants for households to install heat pumps, Greenpeace UK’s head of climate, Kate Blagojevic, said:

“While £5000 grants and a 2035 boiler phase out date are a decent start, they aren’t ambitious enough to adequately tackle emissions from homes or support low income households to switch. What’s also missing from these reports is any mention of a programme to insulate the UK’s millions of draughty homes. Low carbon heating must go hand in hand with improving energy efficiency, you can’t have one without the other. Then it’s up to the Chancellor to deliver the required £12bn a year in his Spending Review to make cutting emissions from homes a reality. Without these other key elements, the strategy will be like a builder who comes without his tools and simply won’t be up the job.”


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