Greenpeace welcomes inquiry into plastic pollution and deposit return scheme

Publication date: 14th September 2017

Welcoming the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into Disposable Packaging: Coffee Cups and Plastic Bottles, Greenpeace UK’s campaigner Louisa Casson said:

‘Deposit return schemes are the logical next step following the successful plastic bag charge and momentum is building at an incredible rate. In the last week alone, the Scottish Government announced the introduction of a deposit scheme, the Welsh Government said it’s looking at it, and new polling shows that almost three in four Brits (73%) support the idea.

‘The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has already made clear he’s open to introducing a deposit scheme in England, so this Environmental Audit Committee inquiry is timely, vital, and shows the strong political appetite across the spectrum to urgently address plastic pollution.’

Up to 16 million plastic bottles end up in our environment every day in the UK, and globally a rubbish truck load of plastic enters the oceans every minute. Deposit schemes in countries like Norway and Germany show collection rates for drinks containers as high as 95%.

Louisa Casson continued:

‘Michael Gove should be penning his announcement to introduce a deposit return scheme in England as we speak – recognising not only the urgency of the issue but the huge support from public and businesses. This couldn’t be more of an open goal if the goalkeeper was helping to kick the ball in. Gove needs to seize the moment to show strong environmental leadership that can deliver concrete results for our oceans.’



[1] Three in four Britons back a deposit-and-refund scheme for plastic bottles to tackle waste and littering

Greenpeace campaigned for a deposit return scheme in Scotland:

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