South Korea’s KEPCO urged not to invest in new nuclear power at UK’s NuGen Moorside

Publication date: 12th April 2017

28 members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea ‘Caucus on Post-Nuclear Energy’ in South Korea are calling on KEPCO not to invest in new nuclear power or the UK’s NuGen Moorside nuclear project. This comes after Greg Clark travelled to South Korea last week to meet KEPCO and seek support for the Moorside project, following the bankruptcy of Toshiba Westinghouse and Engie pulling out of the NuGen venture.

At a press briefing at the National Assembly at 09.00 KST on Tuesday 11th April, the National Assembly ‘Caucus on Post-Nuclear Energy’ and Greenpeace South Asia gave a joint statement to media.

Hannah Martin, Head of Energy at Greenpeace UK, said: 

"Every nuclear power station currently being built in Europe and the USA has gone massively over time and over budget. The nuclear industry in Europe is also rife with scandals, safety irregularities and poor management. The story for Moorside will be no different. Before it has even started it is mired in bankruptcy and controversy. After Toshiba’s subsidiary Westinghouse filed for bankruptcy and their French partner Engie backed out, Greg Clark flew 5,000 miles to try to fill the investor gap and secure a new reactor for Moorside from South Korea’s KEPCO. The political desperation of the UK government to deliver this nuclear plant is obvious. But their energy policy will be increasingly vulnerable as alternatives to nuclear power are proven to be cheaper and faster to build, with no environmental risk. It’s time for a global shift to clean energy."

Wonshik Woo, a congressman and a co-representative of the National Assembly Caucus on Post-Nuclear Energy, in South Korea said:

“We urge KEPCO to immediately halt their plan to expand their nuclear business. The major candidates of the upcoming Presidential Election have already pledged their support for nuclear phase-out. The candidates are in favour of investment in renewable energy for a sustainable and nuclear-free society. As a public corporation, KEPCO should also listen to the demands of the public."

Mikyoung Kim, Climate and Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia, said:

“The nuclear industry is a sinking ship. The world is moving fast toward a nuclear phase-out and energy transition. It is regrettable that the Korean nuclear industry is jumping on this sinking ship, while others are trying to get off urgently. People in South Korea are calling for a new government to transition into a new energy system. KEPCO should stop betting with public money on this myth of Nuclear Renaissance. Instead, they should invest in a transition to renewables, for the future that the people want.”


Media contact:

Alexandra Sedgwick, Press Officer at Greenpeace UK,, 07773 043386.