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"frack free zone" sign hanging on Blackpool pier


With ‘easy to reach’ oil and gas running out, fracking has been pushed as a way to plug the gap. But climate change means we can’t afford to dig up yet more polluting fuels. We need to switch to renewable energy instead.

All those times the anti-fracking campaign rocked

For nearly a decade, people across the country have stood against the companies and ministers which have tried to get fracking off the ground. That fracking has been halted across the UK is a testament to their dedication, commitment and creativity.

Fracking back on the agenda – Greenpeace reaction

Responding to reports fracking is back on the agenda Greenpeace UK’s head of energy Rosie Rogers said: “After a decade of hype and bluster, all the fracking industry has given us are two holes in a muddy field and some minor earthquakes. Trying to restart fracking now would only mean…

Does peaceful protest work?

Peaceful protest is a fundamental part of democracy – without it, the world would be a very different place.

Energy Supply Strategy – media briefing

A media briefing on Energy Supply Strategy Urgent action is needed on energy demand Context: Faced with soaring energy bills, a cost of living crisis and an invasion of Ukraine by Russia – one of the world’s biggest oil and gas suppliers –  the UK…

Briefing: Energy Security Strategy

Spokespeople available for interviews. Contact The Energy Security Strategy is being introduced at speed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the concern over the dependence on Russian fossil fuels. Yet if touted policies briefed to the media come to fruition it will fail in its own…