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SpongeBob protests against BP, all over the UK!

Posted by Priya Surendra - 8th September 2017

As a determined activist, SpongeBob Squarepants is on a mission to spread the word about the beautiful Amazon Reef.

He’s has been on some epic travels- from vibrant cities to the beautiful British countryside. Check out the images below, shared by creative Reef Defenders who’ve staged their own protests against BP’s reckless oil drilling plans.

He sunbathed at Brighton Beach

Toured around Tower Bridge in London

Followed by a marvellous afternoon tea

He made a friend at the Golden Hind Museum in Devon

Ahoy, matey!

He paid a visit to Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury

And walked with nature in Attingham Park

Feeling oh so gracious after punting in Cambridge

He’s visited some extinct creatures in the Natural History Museum

Pssst…a warning to BP about the ecological risks of oil drilling!

SpongeBob parachuted to BP to deliver this message

And he spent a day in Edgbaston watching the cricket!

One Reef Defender even made a short film about SpongeBob’s protest!

A massive thanks to all the amazing Reef Defenders for entering the competition and sending us these incredible pictures of your SpongeBob creations.

We’ll reveal the winner very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!!

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